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Level up your customer’s product experience with the voice commands. Built-in voice navigation for
websites and apps.

How can you use Voicer?

Next-generation website and app navigation

Having trouble locating a menu item or a search filter? Voicer’s unmatched navigation means even the tiniest website details are only a voice command away. Unleash the power of voice navigation for your customers and prospects and engage with them in an innovative way.

Perfect for mobile

Tap, talk, and navigate. Voicer is fully optimized for mobile devices, ensuring the best site experience no matter what devices your customers are using.

Create a better user experience

Finally, a solution to navigate complex, multi-feature products. Voicer empowers first-time and experienced users alike to navigate web pages, dashboards, product features, menus, and more, in seconds.


Get started in minutes

You don’t have to be a tech wizard to start using Voicer. Our simple setup process allows for easy website or app integration no matter how detailed your website is.

A highly customizable voice solution for all platforms

Make Voicer as unique as your business is! Customize your welcome message, corporate color, add and remove languages, and more. Only you know the ins-and-outs of your products, which is why Voicer allows you to create your own keyword navigation system, vocabulary, and synonyms.

Powerful usage analytics

Voicer collects data on all voice command search queries, empowering you to make data-driven UX decisions based on real-time customer navigation.

How does Voicer work?

Install Voicer

Voicer is easy to set up, even with no technical skills. Set up a direct integration in moments, or paste an HTML snippet into your website, app, or platform to make Voicer available to all users.

Build your voice dictionary

Add keywords and links to your dictionary to enrich your voice search. Users can navigate, search through, and complete actions on any website or app through voice commands.

Report and analyze voice data

View real-time voice search analytics to make data-driven UI improvements such as how many successful and unsuccessful voice commands were input and what topics users are searching for.

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Basic analytics

View valuable Voicer usage analytics such as fulfilled and unfulfilled voice requests, historic voice search data, keyword usage, and more.


Widget customization

Fully customize the way users see Voicer on your webpage or app. Change Voicer’s color, its placement on your website, and the welcome message displayed to guests.


Multiple users

Your Voicer account can store multiple companies and users. Each user can have unique roles, such as a login that only has the ability to update your Voicer dictionary.


AI-based synonym optimization

Optimize your voice search dictionary with AI. Voicer will suggest new dictionary synonyms based on what your users are searching for.


Sentiment analysis tools

Understand users’ emotions and behavior when they use Voicer on your site. If Voicer detects certain tones, like happy or angry, it can redirect users to specific pages.


Wake-word widget activation

“Hey, Voicer!” Create a phrase that allows users to open Voicer with a voice command. No clicks necessary.


Voice command lead capture

Capture valuable customer data with Voicer. If someone wants to learn more about your product, redirect them to a demo form, or allow them to spell out their contact information for future outreach.


Self-hosted speech-to-text service

Our growing library uses historic voice search data to enable faster, more accurate voice queries.


Advanced analytics

Unlock granular analytics that give you a much deeper understanding of voice requests and data compared to Voicer’s standard analytics.



Universal widget

Easily integrate Voicer into any website or app. Simply copy Voicer’s HTML snippet and paste it into your site’s body text. Viola!


WordPress plugin

Voicer’s WordPress plugin is pre-installed and can be activated or deactivated with a single click on your website’s backend.


Shopify app

Connect Voicer with Shopify to bring the power of voice to your e-commerce website.


Android and iOS SDK

Easy-to-use software development kits enable you to add custom Voicer features to mobile devices.


NPM plugin

Create and integrate your own unique version of Voicer tailored to your specific needs.


Voice platforms integration

Optimize Voicer to connect with Alexa, Siri, Google Home, and other smart voice devices.

About us

At Voicer, we have a broad range of experience working with intelligent voice technology, machine learning, AI, and more.

Whether you’re looking for a basic speech recognition widget or a powerful voice engine that integrates with your ever-growing software, we can create or customize any voice-enabled solution that fits your specific needs.

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